Announcement: A podcaste!

Refreshments will be served.

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
(podcast not actually available for gramophone) (podcast not actually available for gramophone)

Welcome, curious brethren, to the steam-trunk of compartments and crannies that is Julius C. Lacking’s Unique Musique Emporium, a Scientifick Podcaste! While the quick-witted amongst you instantly query whether this Podcaste has anything to do with science, or mayhap the addition of an ending ‘k’ lends an air of irony, or perhaps olde-tymeness, the slower are rooting around for the promised refreshments. Neither group shall find what they quest for, whatever that may be!

This humble Jockey of Disks is merely plumbing the depths of his audio archive, processing the ill-conceived Silver Discus into the Platonic ideal of the code of Binary, and passing along the choicest tidbits to you, the avid and by now befuddled listener. As you navigate the chronological plane of our Universe, you will be exposed to a multifaceted prime number of tracks, perhaps with your Gracious Host rambling at the start of proceedings.

Now, begone all of you, the Jockey grows tired. Subscribulate to the RSS (which stands for Rectified Station Selector, I am told) with your favorite Podcaste Application Device and allow your ears to witness this magnificence!