Site Relaunch!

...and also a slight move

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Antique HTML and CSS design tools Antique HTML and CSS design tools

After a nearly three-year hiatus of neglect, this fountain of all things Lacking, spraying its particulate knowledge up in the air and in a lateral direction as determinate as where the wind blows, is back in business, at a shiny new permanent domain featuring a non-standard tertiary domain, and it even has SSL.

The site’s much improved Experience-for-the-User is courtesy of the team at The Gigantico – we are truly grateful for their efforts in turning this heaping pile of tags and code into something resembling an actual Websyte. Along with the fresh new design, this update brings some new site features, including The Lacking Details (a series of brief reviews of current and favorite albums), hyphenation, a schedule of upcoming radio engagements, much improved appearance on smaller screens, and many other enhancements too subtle and varied to enumerate.

Although not all content on the previous site has been migrated yet, all content for this year is current and plans call for past content to make its way here in batches. Stay tuned to this space for further updates on that.