Mixtape 234 :: Three From Two

Khruangbin Khruangbin

Khruangbin promises exotic destinations and luxurious accommodations in the distant hum of a prop engine.

In this episode: Chicks on Speed, Cloud Nothings, Club Makumba, Ekko Astral, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Half Japanese, Holiday Ghosts, The Jazz Butcher, Jimmy Dale McFadden, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Khruangbin, Looper, Of Montreal, Real Estate, Shaimus, Wolfmother, Woods

  Song Artist Notes
1 Three From Two Khruangbin In the flicker of torchlight
3 Haunted World Real Estate Gentle shadows
4 The Treehouse Looper Oh yeah, pumped up
5 Politics Of Free (Live) Woods Insinuating a presence
7 Sublime Disconnect Holiday Ghosts Giving us the frantics
8 The Basement The Jazz Butcher There’s goings on
9 This Girl Jimmy Dale McFadden Ultimate pop experience
10 Sing You a Love You Song Of Montreal Old fashioned enough
12 Daggers of Light Cloud Nothings Having the photon stabs
13 Very Rare The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Maybe too rare
14 Doom Boom Frankie and the Witch Fingers Preparations are underway
15 Sticks and Stones Ekko Astral Bring me the hammer
17 Perfect Half Japanese Acing it
18 King Poejo Club Makumba Early dub heavy
19 Woman Wolfmother Ode to Guitar Hero I
20 All Of This Shaimus How do they do it
22 Euro Trash Girl Chicks on Speed Originally from Cracker