Nashville Record Co.

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
The Nude Party The Nude Party

The Shilin Night Market had seemed to grow even more chaotic in the intervening years, yet the vendors and customers still retained their preternatural calm, as if the events happening all around them were due to forces completely out of their control. As the skeptic checked the status lights on the Stinky Tofu Containment Device for the seventh time that mission, the inspector pinged the jetpacks they had secured under a table of bejeweled phone cases to make sure they were primed for a quick getaway. Their progress came to a sudden halt as they considered the sign before them: “Small Sausage In Large Sausage - $120”

In this episode: A Tale of Golden Keys, Andrew Bird, Asylum Street Spankers, Blitzen Trapper, Blue Skies for Black Hearts, Bootsy Collins feat. Robert "Bewise" Harding, Brian Dewan, Certain Animals, Eels, Elvis Perkins, Fat Freddy's Drop, fIREHOSE, Gary Numan/Tubeway Army, Graham Coxon, Heavy Vegetable, The Herbaliser, The Hollywood Persuaders, Home, Howe Gelb, Ian Whitcomb, IDLES, Julieta Venegas, Kurt Vile, La Musica De La Mafia, METZ, North Americans, The Nude Party, Os Mutantes, Petty Booka, The Plugz, Pole, Rob Crow, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Snake Eyes, The Sugarman Three & Co., Tobacco, Ween, The Woggles, Woods, XTC, Yo La Tengo

  Song Artist Notes
1 Nashville Record Co. The Nude Party High aspirations indeed
2 Raising Tide Home Floating all boats
3 Panes Et Circenses Os Mutantes Hasn’t aged one day
5 See Monkey Elvis Perkins What about the other two?
6 Are 'Friends' Electric? Gary Numan/Tubeway Army Well… are they?
7 Obedience School Brian Dewan No one tells me what to do
8 Roma Fade Andrew Bird What a whistle.
10 Kill Them With Kindness IDLES A deceptive start
11 The Mirror METZ Hott Metz
12 Epoxy For Example fIREHOSE A jazzy interlude for the fans
14 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry Yo La Tengo Originally by Bob Dylan
15 Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings For all the package handlers this season
16 Me Van A Matar Julieta Venegas Paranoia
18 Don't Let Me Run Blitzen Trapper Stay nearby
19 Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) The Plugz Me han dado un numero
20 My Baby Likes To Boogaloo The Woggles Atlanta grease bucket time!
22 Anything For Boo Eels Anything
23 Lying There Howe Gelb Lackadaisical wisdom
24 Dandelions Kurt Vile Just being a little exotic
25 Excesses Heavy Vegetable Originally by Klark Kent
27 Strange to Explain Woods Unusual and uncommon
28 Perfect Petty Booka Love these ladies
29 Tight Like That Asylum Street Spankers Another seamless mashup
31 No Endodontic Treatment A Tale of Golden Keys Ouch
32 13 Chocolate Treadmill Snake Eyes Chopped up
33 On Your Knees The Herbaliser Funky times
34 Tangente Pole Overunderstated
36 Frame By Frame (King Crimson) Rob Crow Originally by King Crimson
37 Powder Blue Ween With the entire Muhammad Ali outro
38 You Turn Me On Ian Whitcomb Ancient truths
39 Freakin' Out Graham Coxon About time
41 Run Down North Americans Resonating
42 Wake Up XTC Polyrhythmic
43 A World Without Love Blue Skies for Black Hearts Variation and imitation
45 Strawberry Sunset Certain Animals Bring your own matchstick men
46 Bosco's Blues The Sugarman Three & Co. Smokin’
47 Drums A-Go-Go The Hollywood Persuaders Heavy menace
49 Bewise Bootsy Collins feat. Robert "Bewise" Harding Chock full of advice
50 Special Edition (feat. MC Slave) Fat Freddy's Drop Woozy feelings
51 U Mastru Di Lu Sonu La Musica De La Mafia Don’t eff with the Sicilians
53 Centaur Skin Tobacco Six limbs is enough