Mixtape 233 :: Big Congratulations

Holiday Ghosts Holiday Ghosts

Holiday Ghosts bring you that refreshing fizzy jangle in a tall frosted glass

In this episode: Adrianne Lenker, Alejandro Escovedo, The Bad Beats, Being Dead, Bristler, Corb Lund, The Dandy Warhols, Elbow, Eyelids, Holiday Ghosts, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Marshall Crenshaw, Master Peace, The Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis, Thee Conductor, Waxahatchee

  Song Artist Notes
1 Big Congratulations Holiday Ghosts Rattling off the wagon
3 Drive Slow The Bad Beats The ole organ grind
4 Last Living Buffalo Being Dead Don’t mess with bison
5 Bank Robber Bristler Take the money and run
7 John Conquest Alejandro Escovedo Grittier than expected
8 jamcod The Jesus and Mary Chain They are quite back
9 Big Man Thee Conductor Large thoughts
11 Los Narcos Master Peace Worth the edits
12 Alcohol And Cocainemarijuananicotine The Dandy Warhols Getting into it
13 (Go On) The First Flight Eyelids Don’t dilly dally
14 Her to the Earth Elbow Funked out
16 Cell Phone Says Adrianne Lenker Inside voice
17 Was Fort Worth Worth It? Corb Lund Playing with words
18 Lone Star Lake Waxahatchee More true stories
19 Cynical Girl Marshall Crenshaw Get your own
21 Emergence The Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis Getting proggy in here