Radio Activity

Helpful instructions for the operation of this broadcast

Esteemed potential listeners–

A messagegram to elucidate the scheduling of periodic activity! On these dates and times, it is a near-certainty that you can tune in to a type of rambling haphazard musical junkyard, with yours truly deliberating in between with lots of um’s and factoids.


Date Time Location Notes
May 30, 2024 2pm - 3pm MDT Louder Than War Internet Radio
May 31, 2024 3pm - 5pm MDT Louder Than War Internet Radio The Final Hour
June 04, 2024 9pm - 12m MDT KAFM Grand Junction
June 06, 2024 2pm - 3pm MDT Louder Than War Internet Radio
June 13, 2024 2pm - 3pm MDT Louder Than War Internet Radio

How to Listen


Analog listening via the electromagnetic spectrum is available to denizens of Colorado’s Grand Valley when broadcasting through the services of gracious community radio station KAFM, on the FM realm frequencies of 88.1 MHz (near the Grand Junction end of things) and 96.9 MHz (closer to the Palisade agrarium).

Use your home “radio” for this option. We hear tell of daring mobile radios, installed in automobiles, whose operation should be self-similar. Tune said beast to the frequencies listed. Important: this activity must take place at the designated time for procedure to work.


Use your Computor Station to decode a fanciful stream of 1s and 0s into an audio simulacrum of the happening!

For broadcasts originating on KAFM, “point” your “browser” to the following “link”: – therein you can locate a menu item stating “Listen.” “Hovering” on this item will bring up a further menu refinement listing a staggering variety of available options. This enables the selection of platform-specific wizardry! Operate your Computor accordingly, and do this at the appropriate time for your chosen option.

For broadcasts originating on Mixcloud, a direct link is available – The Lacking Organization Live on Mixcloud.

Streaming Archive

Radio broadcasts are archived on Radio Free America and are available for streaming for two weeks after the airdate. Use the calendar to locate the date and time of the show you want to hear, then follow appropriate internet instincts to initiate delivery of time-preserved bytes to your device of preference. Note that labeling of radio broadcasts is not consistent and The Lacking Organization may be listed as New to You, New to Me.


A podcast is in re-development, with a handful of past episodes available. Witness available selections on our Podcast page.

We thank you, imagined audience, for the time spent scanning your eyeballs in deliberation.

I am Julius C. Lacking and I approve this message.