Updates for 2019

A message of Lacking Importance

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
About time for an update About time for an update

It is the ending of the year, and while it is a good time to reflect on past accomplishments (which you are welcome to do by browsing through the playlists and assorted details, I am filled with that Lacking Excitement to announce that starting in 2019, yours truly and The Lacking Organization will be on the air every Tuesday night from 9 pm to Midnight on KAFM in radiowave format in Colorado’s Grand Valley and streaming online at kafmradio.org.

This will be of no help to those that keep a regular daylight schedule, suitable for a modern hunter/gathererer, but a great boon to those who crave predictability and would like to schedule their Tuesday evenings with bravado, knowing they can rely for an approriately non-sequential soundtrack for their chosen activity. Whatever your mode of consumption, you can now rely on that Lacking Consistency to deliver three hours of fresh tracks and obscure audio fossils every week for streaming at Radio Free America.

An updated schedule of upcoming engagements, and instructions for engaging in synchronous and asynchronous manner, is available at the Radio Activity page.