I'll Be Your Mirror

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Courtney Barnett Courtney Barnett

The first time you hear Courtney Barnett taking on the Velvet Underground’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror,” what you get is an electrifying shock of recognition: you know that distinctive voice, you know that timeless melody, but what you’re hearing is completely new. I must add that there’s a VU tribute album every few years, and even the worst of them can be decent, supported by the strength of the songs, but this one (also titled I’ll Be Your Mirror) is exceptionally good.

In this episode: Alt-J, Amon Tobin, Audiobooks, Bad Bad Hats, Beach House, Ben Vaughn, Buck 65 Remix (feat. Sufjan Stevens & Serengeti), Canoe, Clinic, Courtney Barnett, Devo, Discovery, The Dismemberment Plan, Doug and the Slugs, The Felice Brothers, French Kicks, Garageland, George Harrison, Grandaddy, illuminati hotties, Lettuce, Liily, Lilys, Lindsey Buckingham, Lizard Music, Low, Mary Stallings, The Mommyheads, The Mondo Crescendo, Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, Quasi, The Record Company, Robyn Hitchcock, Sir Simon, Snapped Ankles, Spot 1019, Squarepusher, The Squirrels, The Stranglers, Vulfpeck, Wet Leg, William Shatner, XTC

  Song Artist Notes
1 I’ll Be Your Mirror Courtney Barnett Nailed it
3 Walkman Bad Bad Hats In my own personal bubble
4 3 Little Words The Mondo Crescendo Clickbait song title
5 Statue Of Liberty XTC Welcoming travelers
7 And If You Should See Dave... The Stranglers The classic sound
8 Hark, An Open Channel Lilys Eight songs in one
9 California Quasi Revealing points of interest
10 Corndogs Are Our Friends Canoe Redline! Redline!
12 Not Coming Home Sir Simon Sweet and sour
13 Flavour Of Night Robyn Hitchcock Dark pastels
14 What Is Life (2020 Mix) George Harrison Quintessential George
15 Edge Of Yodeling The Squirrels Vandals took the handles
17 In Jest Lizard Music Opening the third eye
18 1612 Vulfpeck Hoots and hollers
19 Common People William Shatner Originally from Pulp
20 You Are Invited The Dismemberment Plan A most magnificent reveal
22 Bingham's Hole The Mommyheads Beats dropping left and right
23 Wild Wild Workweek Spot 1019 Can’t wait til the weekend is through
24 Nobody But Me Doug and the Slugs Ode to negativity
25 Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth Devo Exhibiting great indecision
27 Blue Light Lindsey Buckingham Very quite Buckingham
28 I'm On Standby Grandaddy Powered down for redesign
29 Lookin' For A 7-11 Ben Vaughn Good luck in Colorado
31 Out Of My Head The Record Company Big rock sounds
32 Rock And Roll Heart Garageland New Zealand excellence
33 Ransome Lettuce Tribute to Fela
35 This Living Hand Amon Tobin Complicated resolutions
36 In Cold Blood Alt-J Brush up on your binary
37 Play The Game Beach House Crashing distant waves
38 Centerpiece Mary Stallings Just the basic ingredients
40 Celebrity X The Felice Brothers The algebra of fame
41 Destro French Kicks Implacable
42 D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E. Clinic A brief taste
44 Protector illuminati hotties In a mellow mood
45 Wet Dream Wet Leg So suggestive
46 Forest Of Your Problems Snapped Ankles Building up to mayhem
48 Man Listening To Disc Liily Grinding it through
49 I Want You Back (In Discovery) Discovery Fading in!
50 Blood Pt. 2 Buck 65 Remix (feat. Sufjan Stevens & Serengeti) Through a dark and twisted path
52 The Doll Audiobooks Tragic, sorrowful
53 Going Acid Squarepusher Imaginary gamelan
54 Ending Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel At a suitable location
56 Days Like These Low A glorious mystery