Immigrant Song

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Sex Clark Five Sex Clark Five

I used to get a couple of dozen packages containing CDs each day, but these days receiving even one is something that happens once in a blue moon, a rare treat. It’s even more special when it contains a couple of releases from Sex Clark Five, one of my personal favorites. They sound like blurting out that thing you told yourself you weren’t going to say but felt good to say.

In this episode: Abraxas, Belle & Sebastian, Bill Callahan, Black Lips, Brian Eno, Devon Russell, Diane Coffee, Dim Dim, Eddie Harris, The Greyboy All Stars, Hissanol, Hot Hot Heat, Jenny and Johnny, Koby Israelite, Low, The Low Frequency In Stereo, The Lucky Stars, Mamalarky, Max Romeo, The New Mastersounds, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Nikki Lane, Pascal Comelade + Les Liminanas, Preston School Of Industry, The Pretty Reckless, the pyramids, Railroad Jerk, Rubblebucket, Sex Clark Five, Smack Dab, Southern Culture On The Skids, Spinal Tap, Subthunk, Super Furry Animals, Swell, United Future Organization, The Valentine Six, VV Brown, Wings

  Song Artist Notes
1 Immigrant Song Sex Clark Five Originally from Led Zeppelin
3 Christmas With The Devil Spinal Tap Yule be sorry
4 Aveda Hot Hot Heat Still fresh all these years later
5 Stolen Valor Black Lips Brutal honesty
7 Mote Controller Mamalarky Sparkling in a sunbeam
8 Rose Garden Smack Dab Strange fantastics
9 Happy Birthday United Future Organization Bring out the sad clowns!
10 Whip Dim Dim Loop du jour
12 Lazy Susan Railroad Jerk Spinning around and around
13 Blue-Eyed Devil Low Originally from Soul Coughing
14 Bullied Diane Coffee Swinging smoothly
16 Bowevil Bill Callahan A dangerous pest
17 Honky Tonk Bound The Lucky Stars If you don’t like my Saturday nights
18 8 Piece Box Southern Culture On The Skids Save some for later
19 Goodnight Tonight (Single Version) Wings That bass line…
21 Young and Stupid Belle & Sebastian Those were the days
22 Walk Of A Gurl Preston School Of Industry In those Blundstones
23 Carnival Of Souls Pascal Comelade + Les Liminanas Down at the fairgrounds
25 Cherry Blossom Rubblebucket Saving it for April
26 Ghost Face The Valentine Six Calm in the storm
27 penetration the pyramids Revisiting the original sound
28 Jimmy Legs The Low Frequency In Stereo Quit your twitching
30 Denim & Diamonds Nikki Lane Easy swagger
31 Scissor Runner Jenny and Johnny Be careful there!
32 L.O.V.E. VV Brown What kind of mixup is this?
33 Loud Love The Pretty Reckless Originally from Soundgarden
35 Mañana Abraxas A harsh and dry life
36 Move On Up Devon Russell Disco reggae is the answer
37 Saints And Dates Koby Israelite Another carnival of souls
38 War Ina Babylon Max Romeo
40 Organism The New Mastersounds Cops behind the wheel
41 Sonnymoon for Two Eddie Harris Scat sandwich
42 Cassiopeia's Chair The Greyboy All Stars Always room for boogaloo
44 We Let It In Brian Eno Feel the eno
45 Shortcut Hissanol We interrupt this message
46 Wax Subthunk Gliding through the changes
48 Gemini Acoustic Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Filled to the brim
49 What I Always Wanted Swell Intensely brooding
51 Pric Super Furry Animals An engrossing finale