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by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Madison Cunningham Madison Cunningham

Maybe it’s the lackadaisical groove she can effortlessly establish, or her warm confident voice, but listening to Madison Cunningham is like sinking into the sofa for a new episode of your favorite show, a general feeling of ease, comfort, and complete enjoyment. Also, maybe you thought you heard a dirty word during “Tounge-Clucking Grammarian”, but you didn’t — let’s face, there’s a lot of rhymes for “clucking” that could register a false positive.

In this episode: 1990s, 2nd Grade, The A's, Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - Kabaluere, Arling + Cameron, The Bad Ends, The Bad Plus, Beach Bunny, The California Honeydrops, Clint Mansell, Coldspot 8, DJ Shadow, Elvis Perkins, The Flaming Lips, Gachupin, Gold Panda, Gossip, Grandaddy, The Greyboy Allstars, Heaters, Hot Hot Heat, Madison Cunningham, Man Man, Marmoset, MC 900 Foot Jesus, MC Frontalot, Neil Young, Paul McCartney & Wings, Quasi, Railroad Jerk, Rubblebucket, Shantel, Sharon Van Etten, Skankin' Pickle, Sloan, Stereo Total, Uptown Sinclair, The Veldt, Veps, Vulfpeck, Weezer, Young Fresh Fellows, Zumpano

  Song Artist Notes
1 Turning Japanese Skankin' Pickle Originally from the Vapors
3 Hospital Madison Cunningham Nice and wobbly
4 It's Raining Quasi Like you’re the only one who’s wet
5 He Needs Me The A's Is it a lovely sentiment?
6 Stay Zombie Stay Elvis Perkins Sometimes they can be good company
8 Honeydrops Theme The California Honeydrops Every band should have a theme
9 Kabaluere Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - Kabaluere Tropidelic
10 Kusse Aus Der Holle Der Musik Stereo Total Come back Françoise
11 The Credits Veps Ice cold crystal clear
13 The Ballad of Satan’s Bride The Bad Ends Rumbling from below
14 Fight Test The Flaming Lips At their bouncy weirdest
15 Cover Of Rolling Stone 2nd Grade Now you made it
16 Knock-Down Drag-Out Weezer It’s the sound
18 Rain Rain Nature Rain Rubblebucket More rain music
19 Pull The Curtains Grandaddy Quite a fierce statement
20 Joni's Room Gold Panda Relax
21 We Are A & C Arling + Cameron Finding shade under the musical tree
23 All That’s Left Of Me Is You Vulfpeck It's an easy swagger
24 Give And Take Coldspot 8 From Florida’s great ska wave
25 Let 'Em In (2014 Remaster) Paul McCartney & Wings An insistent sound
26 Come With Me Marmoset Walking a narrow line
28 Home To Me Sharon Van Etten A voice like a tractor beam
29 Talk to Me, Dance with Me Hot Hot Heat More cowbell
30 Dimestore Diamond Gossip Pounding away
31 Scream Beach Bunny Sounding like sunshine
33 Car Alarm Railroad Jerk Playing along with the howls
34 99 Girls Young Fresh Fellows Redline with the Fellows
35 Girlfriend Uptown Sinclair Dave Hill is a hero
36 Tongue-Clucking Grammarian MC Frontalot You know one
38 Keep Your Name Alive Sloan An institution of Canadia
39 Heart of Gold Neil Young It’s a timeless whine
40 Jeez Louise Zumpano Frantic complications
41 Tell Me When You're Ready 1990s “Soon”
43 Super Man Man Originally from New
44 Ara Pacis Heaters Drone on
45 Slave Ship Serenade The Veldt A triumphant return
47 Planet of the Superkids The Greyboy Allstars Take me there
48 Riverside Drive Gachupin All over the globe
49 While the City Sleeps MC 900 Foot Jesus Darkness inside and out
51 Drums Of Death [Pt. 1] Instrum DJ Shadow Flying on the faders
52 Cheney Piñata The Bad Plus Whack it hard
53 Wandering Stars Shantel All over the firmaments
55 Welcome To Lunar Industries Clint Mansell You will love it here