The Do That

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Public Image Ltd Public Image Ltd

In the last few years, John Lydon, once known to the world as Johnny Rotten, has been in the news for a variety of reasons, none of them related to his music, most of them leading to unfortunate public judgements. His band’s new album makes their name Public Image Ltd a handy reminder, as it serves up a take on society more in tune with their past work than the expected yelling-at-clouds. Elsewhere! To the listeners voicing strong opinions about the adorably shrill kids’ story that ran at the top of The Final Hour — your comments were passed on to Management and that short chunk of audio root canal is gone. Well done!

In this episode: Andrew Bird, Automatic Shock, Baaba Maal, Binder + Krieglstein, Blur, Brittta Phillips + Kramer, Buck Meek, The Bug, The Coctails, Cornelius, Curve & Ian Dury, Cut Worms, Delicate Steve, Derby, Fort Lauderdale, Four Corners, Grandaddy, Hell Baby, The Hives, The Hold Steady, Holly Golightly, IP Warriors, Karate School Dropout, Khruangbin, Little Dragon, LMNOP, Man Man, Margaret Glaspy, Negativland, The New Lou Reeds, Niños Con Bombas, Palehound, Pixies, Public Image Ltd., Sonic Boom, Panda Bear and Adrian Sherwood, Spacewalk, Terry, Three Mile Pilot, Throbbing Gristle, Tom Waits, Ursula 1000, Vetiver, Witch

  Song Artist Notes
1 Use Me Holly Golightly
3 The Do That Public Image Ltd. Allow me to enumerate
4 Lee Mi Poesia Niños Con Bombas Showing you their chapbook
5 Mushrooms Automatic Shock A common plight
6 Centuries Terry Flavors of Flying Nun
8 Crash into The Weekend The Hives Didn’t even see the brake lights flash
9 Gone Fishin' The New Lou Reeds Dropping a line in the water
10 Mess Me Up Hell Baby A big wet sloppy kiss
12 The Town Where I'm Livin Now Grandaddy Here we are
13 Don't Fade Out Cut Worms Soda fountain vibes
14 Insane Overdrive Fort Lauderdale Doubling up
15 Current Carry Vetiver Feeling Steely
17 Female Brain Margaret Glaspy Don’t be a dick
18 Independence Day Palehound Where were you two months ago?
19 Slugs of Love Little Dragon Tricky beat
20 Blind Man Can See It / (It’s Not The Express) It’s The Monaurail Khruangbin Funked out
22 The Narcissist Blur Big chunks of self
23 The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Four Corners Full of wooze
24 Carlos is Crying The Hold Steady Telling us a story
25 All Or Nothing Derby Take a fun ride
27 Clap Hands Tom Waits A grisly tale
28 I've Been Tired Pixies So tired
29 Take It Away LMNOP Calling for removal
30 Gamera Karate School Dropout More kaiju please!
32 Mood Ring Buck Meek The moodiest
33 First Snowfall The Coctails Always time for a saw
34 Find My Way Delicate Steve In a ‘70s mood
35 Way Of The Ocean Three Mile Pilot A nautical feel
37 By The Time You Realize Witch More epic travels
38 Piranhas Club Man Man A circus for adults
39 Kitchen Binder + Krieglstein Get cooking
40 I'm Talking IP Warriors
42 Dream #3 Brittta Phillips + Kramer A good match
43 Dream in the Mist Cornelius Flowing in a lucid state
44 Escape from Noise Negativland There is no escape
46 Livin’ in the after Dub (Adrian Sherwood 'Reset in Dub' Version) Sonic Boom, Panda Bear and Adrian Sherwood Nicely versioned
47 Mr. Bongo Ursula 1000 Muy tropical
48 What a Waste Curve & Ian Dury Spaced out
50 Epilogue Andrew Bird Deftly plucked
51 Agreement Baaba Maal Enter the hypnodrone
52 Hamburger Lady Throbbing Gristle She brings the condiments
53 Sickness (Slowly dying) The Bug Deconstruction time
55 I Want A New Dub Spacewalk We all want a new dub