Mixtape 176 :: In Jest

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Lizard Music Lizard Music

Sure, they claim to be joking, but the chops you hear from Lizard Music are as serious as a car accident, their indie guitar pop leaving no hook unsharpened or ear unwormed.

In this episode: Arab Strap, Crocodiles, The Dismemberment Plan, Dr. Octagon, El Mató a un Policía Motorizado, El Michels Affair, Fool's Gold, Genghis Tron, Ghost of Vroom, The Gravel Pit, Hefner, Keren Ann, Les Baxter, Lizard Music, Low, Morphine, Mungo's Hi Fi, My Morning Jacket, Painkiller, Pom Poko, The Record Company, Smoove & Turrell, Tele Novella, Tiny Masters of Today, TLO, TLO, Ultrababyfat, Vulfpeck, VV Brown, William Shatner

  Song Artist Notes
1 In Jest Lizard Music Opening the third eye
2 1612 Vulfpeck Hoots and hollers
3 Common People William Shatner Originally from Pulp
4 You Are Invited The Dismemberment Plan A most magnificent reveal
6 Paper Crown Tele Novella A good set of wishes
7 May God Protect Your Home Hefner Is that sweetness for me?
8 Curly Romance Pom Poko So many moods
9 Oh La La (featuring Raphaëlle Verlaine) Crocodiles Tres français
11 Don't Do What You're Dying To Do The Gravel Pit Dive right in
12 Gal Costa TLO
13 Real Good Tiny Masters of Today The new Johnny B. Goode
14 Given It All Smoove & Turrell Not quite predictable
16 More Bacon than the Pan Can Handle Ghost of Vroom Stop crowding the pan!
17 Whatever Lola Wants Les Baxter And quickly
18 Murkit Gem (feat. Piya Malik) El Michels Affair One spicy dish
20 Yoni B (Versión 2021) El Mató a un Policía Motorizado Redone and reclaimed
21 Leave! VV Brown Just go
22 Gotta Be Movin’ The Record Company Swaggering time
23 What He Said Ultrababyfat Southern sounds
25 Dream Weapon Genghis Tron Heavy blasting
26 Fresca TLO
27 Fable Of The Urban Fox Arab Strap Northern myths
28 Surprise Hotel Fool's Gold Southern climes
30 Love Love Love My Morning Jacket Huge fountains of sound
31 Buena Morphine I hear a voice
32 Life on Mars? Keren Ann Originally from David Bowie
34 Miracle Cure Mungo's Hi Fi Full of healing
35 Blackhole Dub Painkiller Slowly sinking
36 Earth People Dr. Octagon New York to California
38 Days Like These Low A glorious mystery