Mixtape 203 :: Largest Muscle

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Cheekface Cheekface

Cheekface takes nothing seriously, not even my undying love for their questionable attitude.

In this episode: AK Momo, Boygenius, Cheekface, Clinton, Creation Rebel, The Hives, Jenny Lewis, Kitty In The Tree, Los Amigos Invisibles, Metric, Mosquitos, Railroad Jerk, The Replacements, The Royal Arctic Institute, Sault, Spencer Krug, The Streets

  Song Artist Notes
1 Largest Muscle Cheekface Thump thump
3 Rigor Mortis Radio The Hives Stiffer by the minute
4 C'Mon Kitty In The Tree A lost classic
5 Go Ahead And Cry Metric Feeling wistful
6 Waitress in the Sky (Ed Stasium Mix) The Replacements Hotten that coffee
8 Taxi After Taxi Spencer Krug Making yourself uncomfortable
9 Monica Railroad Jerk Break out the toy chest
10 Money Sault Frantic frantic frantic
11 Something to Hide The Streets With a dubby feel
13 Button Down Disco (Fila Brazilla Remix) Clinton Sampling ‘80s Eurovision
14 G-String Los Amigos Invisibles Do not blink
15 Forever Song Mosquitos Like warm rain
17 Powers Boygenius Insistent and Wrens-like
18 Greasy Spoon AK Momo More coffee
19 New South Wales The Royal Arctic Institute Iced in
20 Psychos Jenny Lewis Sounding like Laurel Canyon
22 Swiftly (The Right One) Creation Rebel But not too swiftly