Mixtape 237 :: The Way You Say It

Chicano Batman Chicano Batman

The sound of Chicano Batman is a half-dozen ice-cubes liquidly clinking in a tall glass.

In this episode: Being Dead, Bendigo Fletcher, Chicano Batman & Say She She, The Clash, Khruangbin, Laurel Aitken, Leyla McCalla, Melvins, Money Mark, Mustard Service, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, The Police, Shambolics, That Petrol Emotion, The Wee Turtles, The Woolly Bushmen

  Song Artist Notes
1 The Way You Say It Chicano Batman & Say She She Palm tree street funk
3 Bupkis Mustard Service A lot of nothing
4 That's For Sure Money Mark Robot audio pheromones
5 Ada Jean Khruangbin Slow burn, sweet smoke
7 Love We Had Leyla McCalla A tropical feeling
8 Sally Brown Laurel Aitken Hit you with the kukumaka stick
9 She’s Got Weird Arms Melvins Strangely XTC-like
11 Never Be Mine Shambolics Racing far ahead
12 Fire Tonight The Woolly Bushmen Straight outta O-town
13 Michael & His Slipper Tree (The Equals cover) Being Dead Tracked it down
14 Full Throttle The Wee Turtles High octane
16 2 Things At Once Bendigo Fletcher Filling all available bandwidth
17 Straight to Hell The Clash Quite original
18 Hey Venus That Petrol Emotion Sourced from Northern Ireland
19 Secret Journey The Police Recorded at AIR Studios
21 Bike Peter & The Test Tube Babies Originally from Pink Floyd