Mixtape 238 :: Maragato

Club Makumba Club Makumba

Club Makumba is hot, the drinks are strong, and you’re not ready to leave just yet.

In this episode: Applied Communications, Art Phag, Bad Brains, The Bug, Caravan Palace, Cindy Lee, Club Makumba, Drool Brothers, Fred und Luna, Jega, Julia Holter, Julian Lage, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Los Blenders, Maserati, Meatbodies, Meatbodies, The Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis, Ride, STRFKR, The Third Mind, TOO MANY ZOOZ, Vinicius Cantuaria, The Vovos

  Song Artist Notes
1 Maragato Club Makumba At a breakneck pace
3 ICNNVR2 Meatbodies Give me more rebreviations
4 Last Night I Went Somewhere to Dream Ride Cannot be the stopped
5 Pink Milk The Vovos Also available in blue
6 Me Gusta Los Blenders Moving fast
8 Spirits Caravan Palace Thrumming on the sidechain
9 Tomboy Femme Applied Communications Fixed up and out
10 Buried (Your life is short) The Bug The machines would like to have a word
11 Nowhere Else To Go with Moon Hooch TOO MANY ZOOZ No strings and four double o’s
13 Verde Mata Vinicius Cantuaria Minimal breezes
14 Morgen Fred und Luna U2 at their best
15 Sun Girl Julia Holter Drifting in and out
16 Lot Of Nice Things STRFKR Getting physical
18 Kasio Montigo Drool Brothers Too much and not enough
19 I and I Survive (Dubmatix Remix) Bad Brains Space dub!
20 Under Mi Sensi Long Beach Dub Allstars Wikkyd version
21 Bye M'Friend, Goodbye Maserati The neverending discoball
23 They Came Down Meatbodies It’s not skipping, you’re skipping
24 4 Basic Vejebo Groups Art Phag Nutrition is important
25 Railroad Tracks Home The Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis Straight and parallel
27 Diamond Jubilee Cindy Lee Sprawling out
28 76 Julian Lage At a rigorous clip
29 Red Mullet Jega Uneasy jazz
31 Tall Grass The Third Mind Revisiting the savannah