Orinoco Flow

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

Olivia Jean Olivia Jean

No pan flute, no washes of synthesizer textures, just Olivia Jean doing her best impression of a land-bound siren and kicking up the octane in the Enya original to unsafe levels. It’s a hot summer so far, with lots of great releases crowding the older stuff out of the playlist, and it shows no sign of letting up. There’s a new album from the Boo Radleys (it’s been a while!), and I am obsessing over motorik sounds from Orange Drink and Motor!k. It’s far more than will fit on a single cassette, unless you get one of those ultra-long ones that your car deck will eventually eat up.

In this episode: 14 Iced Bears, Alison Goldfrapp, The Boo Radleys, Boygenius, Cake Like, Chinese Man, Circa Waves, Com Truise, The Dandy Warhols, Daughter, Deer Tick, Desorden Público, The Dismemberment Plan, Disq, Django Django, Draag, Easy Star All-Stars, Fort Lauderdale, JAWNY, Kid Koala, The Lemon Twigs, Luna, Mandy, Indiana, Manu Chao, Mark Mothersbaugh, MC Honky, Me Dicen Jos, Melvins, Mexican Institute of Sound, The Monkees, Motor!k, The Murlocs, Olivia Jean, Orange Drink, Protomartyr, The Revox, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Single Mothers, The Snitches, The Stepkids, Stuck, The Unicorns, Wargirl, Worriers, Yaqub Zoroofchi, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yves Tumor

  Song Artist Notes
1 Orinoco Flow Olivia Jean Originally from Enya
3 How Was I to Know The Boo Radleys For John Ohbee
4 Disgrace Deer Tick Feeling dusty
5 Fear Evil Like Fire Yves Tumor Distant shuffling
6 Jellybones The Unicorns Gimme the fat filter
8 Cujo Kiddies Disq Twisted features
9 Inside 14 Iced Bears Redlining and worth it
10 Pinking Shears Mandy, Indiana You cannot borrow them
11 Lose Your Cool Stuck Totally blowing it
13 What A Bringdown MC Honky A real bummer
14 Hey Tía! Mexican Institute of Sound The biggest party
15 All the Young Dudes (feat. Kirsty Rock) Easy Star All-Stars I will allow it
16 Mars Yeah Yeah Yeahs
18 Demonbird Draag Drenching it out of the gate
19 Right Before My Eyes The Snitches The powerest of pops
20 Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth The Dandy Warhols The finest Portland beef
21 Snake Appeal (2023) Melvins A fresh beating
23 $20.00 Boygenius It’s twenty bucks
24 Lucky One Cake Like Originally “Cake"
25 Northern Town Circa Waves Slick in the rain
26 Losing Steam Salami Rose Joe Louis Algorithmic chord choices
27 Santos And Ken The Stepkids Stretched and funked
29 take it back (feat. Beck) JAWNY Loving it big and dumb
30 Can't Tame Me The Revox Lots of smoke, plenty of flames
31 The City The Dismemberment Plan A fractured lullaby
32 Pueblo Fantasma Desorden Público So appropriate
34 Mess Around Wargirl Old fashioned
35 Quincy Single Mothers Meet me at the roller disco
36 Goin' Down The Monkees 800 lb. groove
37 Initiative The Murlocs Ready to get going
39 Labios Sellados Me Dicen Jos An intimate setting
40 Creep Worriers Stressing for sure
41 Bixo Manu Chao Yearning for home
42 New To Me The Lemon Twigs The new mellow
44 Polacrilex Kid Protomartyr Enumerate the ways
45 Swim Back Daughter Keep your breathing even
46 The Chilling Place Fort Lauderdale Dig the decorations
47 Slide Luna Free of friction
49 Digging Deeper Now Alison Goldfrapp It’s a dynamic world
50 Artichaut Chinese Man Singing on the sly
51 No Time (feat. Jack Peñate) Django Django Escape is imminent
52 Til We Meet Again (live at the Natural History Museum) Kid Koala Fractured sign-off
54 Waiting Orange Drink Beginning the motorik
55 Terra Illustris, Pt. 1 Motor!k A fitting name
56 Hardest Geometry Problem In The World Mark Mothersbaugh Quite difficult
57 San Siz Yaqub Zoroofchi Deep melancholy
59 Brokendate Com Truise A warbling call