Rigor Mortis Radio

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
The Hives The Hives

Firing things up near the top of tonight’s Mixtape are The Hives and the precision attack of “Rigor Mortis Radio,” from their recent return to affairs of sound. Also, what do you know… another fine Fugazi cover to open tonight’s mixtape, this one the chromatic riffing of “Merchandise” as interpreted by Sounds Of Swami. Elsewhere tonight, a shout-out to Chuck Dinkins for introducing me to Tupelo Chain Sex.

In this episode: AK Momo, Aldemaro Romero y Su Onda Nueva, Billiam, Bombay Bicycle Club, Boygenius, Brazilian Girls, The Breeders, Built To Spill, Can, Cheekface, Clinton, Creation Rebel, Drop Nineteens, The Fall, Fizz, The Hives, Japancakes, Jeff Rosenstock, Jenny Lewis, Karate School Dropout, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Kitty In The Tree, Lionel Limiñana, Los Amigos Invisibles, Margo Price, Metric, Monks Of Doom, Mosquitos, Palehound, The Replacements, Robert Ellis, The Royal Arctic Institute, Snapped Ankles, Snõõper, Sounds Of Swami, Speedy Ortiz, Spencer Krug, The Starlight Mints, The Streets, Tommy Guerrero, Tupelo Chain Sex, underscores, Wooden Shjips

  Song Artist Notes
1 Merchandise Sounds Of Swami Originally from Fugazi
3 Rigor Mortis Radio The Hives Stiffer by the minute
4 C'Mon Kitty In The Tree A lost classic
5 Go Ahead And Cry Metric Feeling wistful
6 Waitress in the Sky (Ed Stasium Mix) The Replacements Hotten that coffee
8 Largest Muscle Cheekface Thump thump
9 Taxi After Taxi Spencer Krug Making yourself uncomfortable
10 Something to Hide The Streets With a dubby feel
12 Swiftly (The Right One) Creation Rebel But not too swiftly
13 Button Down Disco (Fila Brazilla Remix) Clinton Sampling ‘80s Eurovision
14 G-String Los Amigos Invisibles Do not blink
15 Forever Song Mosquitos Like warm rain
17 Powers Boygenius Insistent and Wrens-like
18 Greasy Spoon AK Momo More coffee
19 New South Wales The Royal Arctic Institute Iced in
20 Psychos Jenny Lewis Sounding like Laurel Canyon
22 LIFE ADMIN Jeff Rosenstock A slice of life
23 Mambo Lola Tupelo Chain Sex Quite the tale
24 My Big Day Bombay Bicycle Club Weezing along
25 Kim Cattrall Speedy Ortiz Another famous polka
27 U Want It U Got It Palehound Don’t look away
28 Obsessive Compulsive Karate School Dropout Can’t stop thinking
29 The Eyes Of The Night The Starlight Mints For your spooky season
30 Cannonball (2023 Remaster) The Breeders The clicks will get you
31 Anytime You Call (feat. Lucius) Margo Price A stately progression
33 Unable Snõõper Chainsaw time
34 New Big Prinz The Fall Check the record
35 Leather Pepper Billiam Me-me-me-me-wah-wah-wah-wah
36 You don't even know who I am underscores Fragmented positivity
38 Moliendo Cafe Aldemaro Romero y Su Onda Nueva Having a tropical time
39 Nobody Smokes Anymore Robert Ellis True that
40 Doin' It Lionel Limiñana Are they?
41 Tanguedia (for Astor Piazzolla) Monks Of Doom Intricate clockwork
43 Through the Mosaic Tommy Guerrero Understated as always
44 Sweatshop Brazilian Girls Working hard
45 The Silver Cord King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Tenuous and shimmering
47 The Fish Needs A Bike Snapped Ankles Surrealism
48 Motorbike Wooden Shjips Heavy rolling
49 Oh Yeah Can Very affirmative
51 Strawberry Jam Fizz All mixed together
52 Only Shallow Japancakes Woozing
53 Angel Drop Nineteens Originally from Madonna
55 Shameful Dread Built To Spill Epic strangulation