Mixtape 187 :: Seg Fault

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
American Trappist American Trappist

They appear to be American, not so much Trappists, but they sound like a clattering of drums and hooks.

In this episode: American Trappist, Cut Worms, Emiliana Torrini, Fantastic Negrito, The Growlers, The Hidden Cameras, Liquid Liquid, The National, Paul Einhaus, Scruffy The Cat, Sir Millard Mulch, Skating Polly, Thee Oh Sees, Vulfpeck, Water From Your Eyes, Wolf People

  Song Artist Notes
1 Seg Fault American Trappist Crashing the mainframe
3 Me And Armini Emiliana Torrini Icelandic reggae
4 Boys of Melody The Hidden Cameras A pastoral epic
5 Let's Go Out On The Town Cut Worms In a strolling mood
7 Eucalyptus The National Discussing the endless jukebox
8 Barley Water From Your Eyes Enumeration visitation
9 Highest Bidder Fantastic Negrito No flinching
11 Baby On My Birthday Skating Polly Worthy of a celebration
12 My Baby She's Allright Scruffy The Cat Long and lean like a Cadillac
13 Poinciana Vulfpeck Vocoder time
14 15 Interesting Things to Do With Tiny Chairs II Sir Millard Mulch Try sitting on one
16 Shadow Woman The Growlers A somewhat tropical feel
17 I Knew A Girl from Oxford Town Paul Einhaus In a Childish mood
18 I Need Seed Thee Oh Sees Some sort of churlish gnome
19 Cavern Liquid Liquid The eternal bass line
21 Night Witch Wolf People A dramatic turn