Mixtape 168 :: Shame Reactions

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Pom Pom Squad Pom Pom Squad

Pom Pom Squad began as songwriter Mia Berrin’s solo operation but now employs four full-time experts in musical munitions and lethal lyrical techniques

In this episode: Atomic 7, Audiobooks, Bachelor, Boom Pam, Brain Damage Meets Big Youth, Choo Choo La Rouge, Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Elected, The Gravel Pit, The Hoosegow, The Jamaicans, Josh Caterer, Kings of Convenience, Lou Barlow, M.I.A., Matt Suggs, Mexican Institute of Sound, The Molochs, Of Montreal, Orville Peck, Paul McCartney + Khruangbin, Pluxus, Pom Pom Squad, Quantic, Ramones, Sault, Schneider TM, Squeeze, Thingy, TLO, TLO

  Song Artist Notes
1 Shame Reactions Pom Pom Squad Lethal velocity
2 Back of My Hand Bachelor Your biggest fan
3 Where's Your Patience, Dear? Matt Suggs From Butterglory
5 Writing a Letter Josh Caterer Reworking the classics
6 Kansas (Remembers Me Now) Orville Peck For the Slim Whitman fans
7 Newsletter - Gal Costa TLO
8 Mayday Thingy Weaving through traffic
9 Baba Boom The Jamaicans An original vibration
11 Fear Sault On the backbeat
12 Love Intervene Lou Barlow Almost smiling
13 The Bank and Trust The Elected Stuck in this American town
14 Ask For Help Kings of Convenience Always good advice
16 Spiral Schneider TM Undulating threats
17 Now That's What I Call Freewave Of Montreal Time traveling can be hazardous
18 Pretty Boys Paul McCartney + Khruangbin Unexpected complements
19 Bucky Done Gone M.I.A. Quieten down, I need to make a sound
21 Charlie's Lips The Molochs Sounds like a nice guy
22 Dead Or Alive The Hoosegow Spangled blues
23 Jackson Cymbals Eat Guitars Cinematic scope
25 You Aint Havin Fun Till You're Dialling 911 Atomic 7 True words
26 Wedding Song Boom Pam It was a wild reception
27 Jalale Mexican Institute of Sound Flushin’
29 The Wreck of The Triple One The Gravel Pit Smart pops
30 We Want The Airwaves Ramones Give them it
31 Dirty Barnyard TLO
32 Hearsed + Rehearsed Choo Choo La Rouge Practice makes perfect
33 Up The Junction Squeeze A perfect story
35 Pelota (Cut a Rug Mix) Quantic A suitable extension
36 Kung den knege Pluxus Return to the lunar module
37 2020 I Pray Thee Brain Damage Meets Big Youth A jazzy sort of dub
39 Black Lipstick Audiobooks Very goth