Crimson and Clover

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Pom Pom Squad Pom Pom Squad

The original “Crimson and Clover” was Tommy James and the Shondells’ biggest hit, but it was also one of the first songs to be recorded on 16 track equipment, and is a textbook example on the use (or overuse) of rhythmic tremolo. Pom Pom Squad does a good job of channeling the song’s sweet yet feral vibe.

In this episode: April March, Bachelor, The Bamboos, Bark Bark Disco, Ben Vaughn Combo, Brain Damage Meets Big Youth, The Catenary Wires, Choo Choo La Rouge, Chris Murray, Datblygu, Deke Dickerson & The Eccofonics, Dire Straits, Drug Store Romeos, El Michels Affair, Elastica, The Elected, Ghost of Vroom, The Go! Team, Gogol Bordello, The Gravel Pit, Hearty Har, Islands, Kings of Convenience, Les Baxter, Les Paul & Mary Ford, Lightning Orchestra, Lou Barlow, Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, Matthew Squires, Meat Wave, Palberta, Pom Pom Squad, Ramones, Real Estate, Rebar, The Routes, Sault, The Schizophonics, Scientists, Squeeze, Tom Tom Club, Ugly Sounds, Wet Leg, Young Fresh Fellows, Zero Zero, Zoobombs

  Song Artist Notes
1 Crimson + Clover Pom Pom Squad Originally from Tommy James
3 The Incessant Meat Wave Pounding on the surf
4 Black to Comm The Schizophonics Hot tonight
5 Saith Arch Bach Datblygu Welsh and fascinating
7 Stay in the Car Bachelor Strong Santiago warble
8 Cookie Scene The Go! Team It’s a super bounce
9 All-Nite Dinah Chris Murray Easy skanking
11 Closed Captioning Islands A wistful introspective disco
12 Shape Of Your Heart Matthew Squires Good Daniel Johnston vibe
13 So Far Away Dire Straits Never gets old
14 Mala Vida Gogol Bordello Originally from Mano Negra
16 Nickelodeon Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog Is that MC 900 Foot Jesus?
17 Tennessee Waltz Les Paul & Mary Ford All the way from 1953
18 Darling Real Estate Looking for the lost beat
19 Educated Fools Brain Damage Meets Big Youth Decrease the stupidity
21 Chaise Longue Wet Leg Excuse me? What.
22 Ride On Time The Bamboos Set blasters on FUNK
23 Canterbury Lanes The Catenary Wires A good dose of twee
24 Walking Talking Marathon Drug Store Romeos Hypnotic chord cycles
26 Radio Man '56 Hearty Har Swirls and paisleys
27 Midnight '69 Zoobombs With the big engine
28 Apocalyspo The Routes A tequila-based concoction
29 I Can't Get Out Ugly Sounds Some form of incarceration
31 Who Feelin' It Tom Tom Club Jittery times
32 2:1 Elastica A sordid tale
33 True Zero Zero Zero Right on the line
34 Song for the Lovers Bark Bark Disco For the drum machine lovers
36 Fear Sault On the backbeat
37 Love Intervene Lou Barlow Almost smiling
38 The Bank and Trust The Elected Stuck in this American town
39 Ask For Help Kings of Convenience Always good advice
41 Sauce Piquante April March Spicy!
42 Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Ben Vaughn Combo In triplicate
43 The Burn That Is On Me Rebar Can’t walk it straight
44 Nightmare of a Woman Deke Dickerson & The Eccofonics Featuring guitar pyrotechnics from Billy Zoom
46 Magic Pants Scientists Those pants were magic
47 No Way Palberta The angles all work out
48 Taco Wagon Young Fresh Fellows Everyone’s favorite lunchtime anthem
50 The Wreck of The Triple One The Gravel Pit Smart pops
51 We Want The Airwaves Ramones Give them it
52 Hearsed + Rehearsed Choo Choo La Rouge Practice makes perfect
53 Up The Junction Squeeze A perfect story
55 More Bacon than the Pan Can Handle Ghost of Vroom Stop crowding the pan!
56 Whatever Lola Wants Les Baxter And quickly
57 Murkit Gem (feat. Piya Malik) El Michels Affair One spicy dish
59 Time (Time) Lightning Orchestra Make time for afrofunk